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Early-stage investors are often long-term partners of startups. Angel investors usually write first checks to entrepreneurs before venture capitalists can commit. Beyond funding, angels can be mentors/advisors for founders. They are usually high-net-worth individuals with industry experience and connections, who can open doors (make introductions) for startups. There are different kinds of angel groups. In this panel, angel investors from Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, and the US will share their experience in angel investing and how they evaluate, invest and help startups. (panel talking in English, Chinese briefing will be provided)

早期投資是投資者與公司之間的長期關係,天使投資者通常會在機構風險投資基金投資新創公司之前給出第一筆支票。 除了提供資金外,天使還可以充當新創的導師——例如,提供商業戰略指導。 天使通常是高淨值人士,他們也可能擁有可以幫助新創的寶貴人脈。 在這個會談中,來自台灣、東南亞和美國的天使投資人將分享天使基金或天使網絡的運作方式,以及他們如何與新創合作以幫助他們成長。台灣新創進入新的市場,等於在該市場從零開始,天使投資人可能是很有幫助的夥伴。(英文對談;中文重點翻譯)



  • Introduction to angels and angel networks / 天使投資人和天使網絡有哪些不同類型?
  • How to find angel investors that are good partners for your startups? / 如何找到合適的天使投資人?
  • How to raise funding from angel investors? / 如何向天使投資人募資?
  • How do angel investors evaluate and invest in startups? / 天使投資人如何評估創業公司並進行投資?
  • How might angel investors help and support entrepreneurs? / 天使投資人可能如何幫助創業團隊?
  • What do you observe in the current angel investing climate? / 現在市場的天使投資與早期投資有何趨勢?
  • What do angels expect to get from investing and supporting startups? / 天使投資人為何要投資與幫助創業團隊?
  • What angel groups have created an average IRR > 25%? / 那些天使投資社群創造了平均 IRR > 25% 的成績?
  • What are the secret sauce of successful angel networks? / 成功的天使投資社群有何秘訣?
  • What are angel investors looking for in 2023? / 今年(2023) 天使投資人在找什麼投資標的?
  • Introduction of Taiwan ITRI New Venture Association(台灣工研新創協會)、Central Texas Angel Network(美國)、Bali Investment Club(印度尼西亞)、Taiwan Global Angels。

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an angel investor, if you are interested in joining the conversation, and asking your questions to the panelists, including feedback on your startup, market insights, etc., sign up here. This is an invitation-only event. If you sign up, you can ask questions, and no matter whether you join or not, we’ll send you the meeting summary. 無論是創業者或天使投資人,都可以報名參加,跟這次會談者提問交流。只有報名取得會議邀請才能參加。如果你報名,無論是否參加,都可提問,我們會後將寄送會談重點摘要。


Bryan Huang – Bryan is the Managing Partner of TaipeiLaw Attorney-at-Law and Co-founder of Taiwan Global Angels. He is a legal advisor for investment in China, Taiwan, and States with broad experience in all aspects of startup and venture capital, accounting, tax, and financial management. He is passionate about connecting Taiwan with the global community.

Joseph Liu – Joseph is a member of 3 angel networks, Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN), Tech Coast Angels (TCA), and Chemical Angel Network (CAN). He is a board director of CTAN. His investment portfolio is comprised of companies across Life Sciences, B2B Software, Hardware, and CPG industries. He has 5 exits and 30+ active companies in his portfolio. Joseph is working with Jessie on venture investment.

Michelle Kung – As the Chairman of the TINVA Singapore Chapter, she is currently assisting leading technology companies from Taiwan to enter into SEA markets through venture building, international funding, local market partnership, and governmental support. Michelle is an investor in tech start-ups in SEA and Europe. In addition to funding support, she continues engaging with the regional start-up ecosystem as a mentor/advisor/judge for start-ups and partners.

Tom Courly – Previously in management consulting, focussing on digital innovation and agile transformation, Tom now develops Indonesia’s Start-Up landscape, building the impact-driven venture giants of tomorrow with Bali Investment Club, angels, and founders. Tom is also a Strategic Advisor and Commissioner for many of BIC’s current and upcoming portfolio companies.

Jessie Chuang – Jessie is a startup mentor working with US and Taiwan teams, a partner at Network VC, a judge with Unicorn Battle and MassChallenge, and an angel investor with several US angel networks, and an emerging venture fund manager. Her previous experience includes 10+ years in semiconductor R&D and team management at UMC, and another 10+ years in corporate consulting on digital transformation working with executives.


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Foundersbacker is a unicorn factory in the circular economy industry. In other words, Founderbacker is an ecosystem builder focusing on the circular economy of food, cloth, and shelter; we call ourselves “Xiaomi in circular economy!”

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TaipeiLaw Attorney-at-Law stands with entrepreneurs and offers professional advice and effective strategies that do not backfire. We support clients on legal battlefields amid market competition. Our team includes attorneys and accountants fluent in Chinese, English and Japanese.


TINVA (Taiwan ITRI New Venture Association) is a Non-Profit Organization startup facilitator and venture builder that partners with various deep-tech stakeholders in order to provide startups with the resources, mentors, tools, and support needed in order to succeed. TINVA is associated with the top deep-tech research institute ITRI backed by the Taiwan government – the top source of deep-tech startups and innovations in Taiwan.

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Wise Ocean builds up a global network to connect proven startups or scaleups, industry leaders, corporate innovators, ecosystem partners, and investors for impact and profit-making. We are also building the Global League fellowship with global-minded investors for global collaboration.

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