ClimateTech Investor Panel


Every Friday, 10 AM, US Central Time (30 min. Chat)


Investor Partnership

This is for accredited private equity angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors to share insights and investment opportunities, and catalyze collaboration to help ClimateTech startups.

Investors all need to learn the industry and have data for decision-making, many sub-sectors in ClimateTech are very nascent but with promising potential, we hope to bridge the knowledge gap to build investor allies to support globally impactful ventures that can save our climate crisis.

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Global and regional market trends, dynamics, challenges, and opportunities

How do government policies, including carrots and sticks, create tailwinds for ClimateTech startups, when, and who can benefit from them?

Landscape and market insights of a specific sub-sector

How can carbon credits help mobilize climate tech projects and ventures?

Techno-Economics in ClimateTech – Evaluate if a new ClimateTech makes economic sense

Capitalization and Financing Strategies for ClimateTech Startups

Major challenges of The Energy Transition Infrastructure and Innovations Worth Knowing

Most importantly, share innovations and adoptions that work!


Magnificent Seven to Watch for the Next AI Era

Magnificent Seven to Watch for the Next AI Era

In the 2024 Tech Trend published by CBInsights, the first to watch is GPU shortage (it has been for most of 2023). Nvidia hit a $1T market cap in Q2’23, its rise signals the next platform shift. The new term "Magnificent 7" big tech giants, was created by Bank of...