Soft-Landing in North America and Asia  

Innovations come from different corners and organizations and grow across segmentations. This is to bridge silos for growing innovations through their life cycles in the global market.

Usually, companies build up capabilities through co-development with early adopters in one market, to scale up their business they need to use their core capabilities in a scalable model. In a new market, they need to identify the market demands, new product-market fits (PMF), and even new business models, also, build new teams/partners, integrate themselves into new ecosystems, and even rethink branding. This is what this program addresses. Finding PMF won’t be a single shot, it’ll take a journey with a networked approach.

The key is connecting/matching strategic partners with complementary strengths and resources in a global scope. Cross-boundary communication and relationship building is much needed for that ideal! It takes a village, with different resources, to grow a company, this is especially true for deep tech.

Collaboration: Industry and business associations, accelerators, global-minded VCs, corporate VCs, mentors, board advisors