Demo Day

Demo Day is for select startups to present to the Global League, it is free for voted startups. We accept recommendations from investors or industry advisors only.

Currently, we prioritized these startups: climate tech with a capital-lighter strategy, AI infrastructure, semiconductors.



By industry advisors or quality investors


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How We Work. Our Mission & Values

Angels or VCs can recommend startups or funds through  the form linked below. We accept recommendations from investors or industry advisors only. Investors are expected to share why they have backed the companies/funds they recommend, and how have they been doing (key milestones or revenues, etc.). Startups may invite their investors to recommend them. And, we always keep studying quality deal sources.

We will go through a process to align considerations for monthly demo events – in quality, readiness, investability, emerging opportunities and interests. We need to collect enough interest to invite a startup to Demo Day, it’s free for invited startups (as our community service), so we’ll invite you to vote. This isn’t the normal Demo Day you usually see, the purpose is to enable the communication needed for catalyzing investments in startups voted to present, only ONE startup for a meeting (20 min. presentation + 40 min. Q&A). We might reach out to relevant investors or strategic partners to broaden the reach to help impactful ventures.

Make A Recommendation

Who should we help to get funded for a meaningful impact as well as for a profit?

Climate Tech

Enabling IP/tech, keys for adoption bottlenecks or efficiency, capital-lighter strategy 


Sustainability, digital transformation with AI, optics or photonic electronics

Medical Innovations

Platform technology enabling disruptive solutions not in crowded sectors, enabling tech with semiconductor strength

AI Infrastructure

Hardware or software stacks, AI specialized chip, sustainable computing

Vertical AI Applications

With the capability and moat of industry integration and expertise

Space and Sattlite Tech 

Critical infrastructure elements, satellite internet, defense security related demands, convergence with AI, robotics, energy and data storage 


What We Are Looking At

Market trends and our panels… 

Water Innovations and Investments are Growing Strong

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