The London School of Economics reports more than 5,000 national climate laws have been passed worldwide over the past dozen years. Leading the way: The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which directs nearly $400 billion to energy innovation. Carrots, sticks, and corporate voluntary actions to reduce their emissions, this ClimateTech wave is global and unprecedented, different from the previous “CleanTech 1.0” more than a decade ago. US people often think Europe is more advanced in climate actions and investments, but the U.S. IRA has claimed a leading position as a change maker now. Has it? Let’s take a deeper dive into the climate of ClimateTech’s public and private investments in both.


Oct., 27th

Jørn Haanæs, Investment Director and Partner at Katapult – He is passionate about tech and culture, and how it affects everything around us. His background is in the tech and entertainment industries, in building entrepreneurial ecosystems (Startup Director of Oslo Business Region) and serving as a CEO for a VC-backed startup with exit (Soundrop). Katapult invests in global seed-stage climate tech. His mission is to facilitate entrepreneurs and help startups grow through impact investing.

Nov., 3rd

Juan Thurman, Director of SWAN Impact Network – Juan is an early-stage investor, board member of numerous startups, and the director of SWAN Impact Network, he is dedicated to helping early-stage clean tech and climate companies get to the next level. He’s a GP for a new ClimateTech fund.

Host: Jessie Chuang – Jessie is a startup advisor with US and international teams, an angel investor, and the managing partner leading Global League. Her previous experience includes 10+ years in semiconductor R&D and team management, and another 10+ years in corporate consulting on digital transformation and talent development technologies.

About Katapult VC

Katapult VC is a global investment company focusing on early-stage impact-driven technology startups. Over the last 5 years, Katapult has made 178 investments in impact tech startups from 47 different countries. Katapult invests within three investment verticals: Ocean-, Climate- and Food-tech. Katapult has run nine flagship accelerator programs and three corporate accelerator programs. In 2021, Katapult launched the Katapult Foundation with the aim of building a larger network around impact investing. Katapult also hosts the annual Katapult Future Fest in Oslo, bringing together founders, investors, and some of the most prominent figures within impact investment

About SWAN Impact Network

SWAN is a is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The angels at the SWAN Impact Network are bound together by a passion for making the world a better place by supporting dynamic startups that are striving to address serious challenges that our society faces. SWAN focuses on companies who expect to deliver measurable social or environmental impact, and who also have solid plans for financial success. The SWAN Impact Philanthropic Fund allows both accredited and non-accredited investors to make charitable donations which are then used to invest in impact startup companies.

About Global League

Global League is a global investor fellowship to build a network of intelligence plus a decision-making process proven by top investor networks or VCs with an average IRR > 25%. We select startups from top seed investors(VCs/angel groups) and build a disciplined process to get collective intelligence for investments and venture building. Collaboration and co-investing are our core strategies to connect silos and amplify global impact on the health of humans and our planet.

About Wise Ocean

Wise Ocean builds up a global network to connect proven startups or scaleups, industry leaders, corporate innovators, ecosystem partners, and investors for impact and profit-making. For international startups entering the US market, we will help navigate US resources (partners or accelerators) matched to your needs, for US companies looking for Asia manufacturing or market partners, we connect with Taiwan partners.

About Enventure

Enventure is a holding company with subsidiaries of PE, VC, consulting, and non-profit entities that serve different investment methods, sectors, and audiences to empower businesses with capital, unparalleled strategic insights, and a specialized network. Our approach is uniquely hands-on, providing end-to-end investment & consulting services.

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